4 Types of Photo Booths

We offer the newest instant photo technology to make the experience stylish and outstanding.


Our different photo booth options allow us to create memorable experiences for your guests at your events. You can choose between your favorite backdrop, print layout, template, and props. Read our client testimonials here.

  1. Mr. Booth

Every part of our Mr  Booth is customizable for your needs!

Complete Product

2. Mrs. Booth

Fun and interactive experience! GIF’s, Digital Prints and Boomerang fun!

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 1.56.28 PM


3. Slider  Photo Booth

Add motion to your Boomerangs! Even a confetti pit!


4. Mr. Mirror Booth

Giant mirror, Cool Ringlight, Video Annimation Count down!

Magic Mirror





Check our booth options below

Photo Booth Backdrop


Professional Photography backdrops We have a choice of 14 different outstanding backdrops. Look at the options and make sure to choose your preferred one when booking!

Print Template

Look through Mr.Booths Template selection and find the right one for your event. Powered by Paddee

Photo booth props for party


Customize your event with Mr. Booth’s Props We like to have fun and we know that amusing props will make your photos stand out and make your guests shine.