Don't let this year's Holiday party suck! Add our Photo Booth!

So… how many holiday parties did you have to struggle through last year?  Do you even remember them?  You probably remembered the one with a photo booth!  Our photo booth will keep your guests entertained for hours.  
 Plus…. on the corporate level,  they are a pretty cost-effective way of social media marketing and creating brand awareness. 
Our photo Booths were purchased on the basis of being able to create the appearance of them belonging to you.

Not your regular photo Booth

Of course we have Holiday  props, funny hats, all kids of signs, horse head, giant liquor bottles….  We pretty much have anything you could want.  But besides this, when your guest leave they will take the experience with them on a print card , social  media and a microsite.  Make the experience count!  These galleries are instant! No next day waiting to see the photos!

Hire The Best And Let Us Entertain Your Guests

Boomerang Dance Party!

Add to the Experience with a Branded Boomerang!  We count  down from 5,4,3,2,1 and  tell your guests to dance! The dance party starts, the memory is captured  and the laughs don’t Stop!    You can add confetti and a sliding Camera to create some real magic!

Book Victoria’s Entertainment Dream team!!!!  Inquire about booking both services and save your company some cash !  Let us take care of the party!

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