Mr. Booth is a fun and innovative company offering photo booths on Vancouver Island.

We have trained with the best and provide the latest technology to offer great quality prints.

M. Greg Buck


The company started in 2017, when Mr. Greg Buck made a career change and follow his passion. After spending years working as an Electrical Superintendent in substation and power line construction, Greg decided to move to beautiful Victoria.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him towards what he likes to do best: spending time with people, creating memories and make the crowd laugh! Greg has a creative mind, a focus for customer service and… a great taste for parties!

After spending months doing an internship in Montreal with a well-known photographer and renowned photo booth company, Greg got tons of new ideas! He decided to bring his creative mind to Victoria and lead the photo booth market. He quickly realized that his technical skills were an asset and his project management skills are key to any successful event.

With his dedication to quality, beautiful booths and photos that stand out, Greg is creating memories all over Vancouver Island.

Make sure to book Mr. Booth for your next event…You wont regret it!